June 24th | 8AM - 7PM

Times are changing and so is React!

Join us on June 16th, 2023, for an exclusive day of React and frontend tech conference at Farris Bad Hotel in Larvik, Norway.

BTW, did you try Brunost last year!?

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In-person, again.

React Day Norway (presented and organized by Crystallize) is an annual conference originally conceptualized as an exclusively in-person conference. We’re not gonna bullsh*t you. It’s gonna be hard to top last year’s conference.

What can you expect this year? Well:

  • Engaging talks that will help you level up your React chops.
  • One-of-a-kind networking and party. Lunch, dinner, and refreshments during breaks are included
  • For those that are not able to come, Livestream of the main event and all-access virtual experience.

Don't wait. Reserve your ticket today.

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We pride ourselves on being small, exclusive, community-driven, and open to everyone. That means YOU👊TOO can be a #RN2023 speaker and share the stage with top names in React. CFP closing April 1st … nope, not a joke!

Arisa FukuzakiDeveloper Relations Engineer, Storyblok
Tejas KumarYouTuber,
Ruby Jane CabagnotFrontend Developer, Sannsyn
Daniel Afonso
Daniel AfonsoDeveloper Advocate, OLX Group
Olavi Haapala
Olavi HaapalaFull-stack developer,
Atilla Fassina
Atila FassinaDX Engineer, Xata
Mikael Brevik
Mikael BrevikChief Technology Officer, Variant
Trent WillisStaff Software Engineer, Netflix
Daniel Castro
Daniel CastroFullstack SWE, Tripadvisor
Andreas WeberEnterprise Architect Digital Commerce, Porsche Digital
Sébastien Morel
Conference MC Sébastien MorelChief Technology Officer, Crystallize
Masterclass with Maxim SalnikovDeveloper Engagement Lead, Microsoft
Workshop with Veljko SimakovicDeveloper Experience Engineer, Crystallize
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8:00 - 9:00 AM CETSigning up + Coffee Start
See details

Signup at the desk and get your coffee and your swag pack.

9:00 AM CETWelcoming Talk
See details

Indroductionary talk about the conference and what you can expect comes from our MC (master of ceremony) Sébastien Morel, CTO at Crystallize.

9:30 AM CETThe State of Modern Frontend Development
See details

Between SolidJS, Qwik, and React, there's been quite a bit of innovation in the frontend space. This talk by Tejas Kumar ties it all together and helps React developers learn from more modern approaches.

10:00 AM CETUsing the React Ecosystem with the World's First O(1) JavaScript Framework
See details

What if you can use the fastest JavaScript framework along with React? What if you can build applications that feel fast regardless of application size?

In this talk, Ruby Jane Cabagnot will talk about Qwik and reusability. Then talk about QwikReact, which allows you to use React components in Qwik, including the whole ecosystem of component libraries, such as Material UI, Threejs, and React Spring.

10:30 AM CETBreak & Networking + MASTERCLASS
See details

The heart and soul of any conference is the networking part + MASTERCLASS with Maxim Salnikov Building your very own chatbot using React and OpenAI.

11:00 AM CETi18n Was the Missing Piece: Let 70%+ of the Users in the World Access Your Apps
See details

Accessibility, better DX, and performance get a lot of attention as it improves better UX significantly. Plus, it gives satisfaction to devs by seeing the significant improvements. But how about internationalization? A fun fact: Over 70% of the users in the world access non-English content. In this talk, Arisa Fukuzaki will show you more surprising facts about internationalization and what are scalable approaches. You'll see examples with libraries for frameworks with a few different logic to implement different internationalization layouts.

11:30 AM CETMicro-Frontends Under The Microscope
See details

A buzzword amongst buzzwords, micro-frontends, have emerged as a popular approach for building complex web applications in recent years. But is it all it’s hyped up to be?

Trent Willis will take a detailed look at the complexities of micro-frontend architecture and its pros and cons. You'll walk away with a deeper understanding of micro-frontends as an architecture and, hopefully, practical ideas to apply to whatever architecture your application uses.

12:00 PM CETLunch Break
See details

Grab something to eat (please try local Norwegian delicacies such as Brunost ("brown cheese") that was an absolute hit last year) and network some more.

13:00 PM CETTaking the Stairs Together or When I started loving the Change of the automotive industry through Digital
See details

Many enterprises believe that digital transformation entails launching an app, creating an online store, implementing a nice frontend, or introducing a highly innovative digital feature to their current product. However, does this guarantee continued success for your company?

Andreas Weber will share his insights on how to combine the strength of a meaningful organization, sustainable business, and technology architecture and develop and combine your business capabilities into a scalable solution.

13:30 PM CETLearning Through Silly Side Projects
See details

Olavi Haapala unpacks a lot in his talk, from how to use Google Sheets as a backend to comparing the experience between Next.js and Remix supporting it. The best part of silly side projects is that they are fun to work on, and sometimes you even end up building something that someone else might use!

14:00 PM CETReact Architectures: The Next Generations
See details

Contrary to popular belief, the frontend scene has actually been fairly stagnant for the longest time. On a macro level, we've largely followed the same patterns and architectures with only minor variations for the past 6-7 years. This is about to change.

Mikael Brevik will take you through some of the biggest and most important changes to architecture, tooling, and patterns in the frontend that are happening today and tomorrow. He'll look at different solutions such as Qwik, Astro, Solid.js and how they affect React.

14:30 PM CETServer Components vs Client Components: The Showdown
See details

React Server Components shakes things up. It's both the source of much confusion and great hopes. Regardless of which side of the fence you're at, this talk gets the ball rolling.

Atila Fassina talks about the different paradigms between the two component types when you'd use one or the other. And finally, let's talk about the current API and architectural choices. What does React leave for frameworks to do, and what does it impose? No pitchforks allowed!

15:00 PM CETBreak & Networking + WORKSHOP
See details

Network some more + WORKSHOP with Veljko Simakovic Building and deploying a fully working eCommerce store as a Proof of Concept in 30mins using Crystallize, Midjourney, and ChatGPT!

15:30 PM CETLearn Remix, Accidentally Learn the Web
See details

React, and the JavaScript ecosystem seems to be constantly changing. Wherever we look, there are new libraries and frameworks. These new tools always lead to learning concepts that are often non-transferable knowledge.

Daniel Afonso claims that by learning standard web APIs, relearning the web, and getting a bunch of transferable knowledge, you can also start using a fantastic new addition to the React and JavaScript ecosystem: Remix!

16:00 PM CETNext JS auth with NextAuth
See details

Authentication, authorization, user state, and protected routes. Does that sound like work for one month or even more? Not anymore!

Using NextAuth with NextJS, Daniel Castro will show you how to create a fully working authentication system in minutes that is simple, flexible, and secure.

16:30 PM CETGoodbye React Day Norway
See details

Stay tuned! We’re planning something special this year as well.

18:00 PM CETBBQ + Party
See details

Join us for a BBQ on the lovely ocean-view terrace, and let’s have a party.

2019 Conference: The Beginning

React Day Norway was first arranged in 2019 at the beautiful seaside hotel Farris Bad. The conference was presented and organized by Crystallize as a community event. The day was packed with great talks from The New York Times, Slack, and Dropbox - to name a few. We wanted to keep the event small so everyone had the opportunity to talk and connect; speakers, sponsors, and attendees. The day ended with a BBQ at the terrace overlooking the sea and everyone enjoying the lovely Norwegian summer. The event was a huge success!

React Norway crowd
React Norway Hakon Krogh's talk
Talk on IoT at React Norway
React Norway bike show
Talk on React patterns at React Norway
React Norway dinner time
React Norway bike show
React Norway badges
Yuraima Esteves's talk at React Norway
React Norway initial address

2021 Conference: Online

Sadly we had to cancel the 2020 event due to the pandemic and almost canceled 2021. The change of format came to the rescue. Again, a great lineup with speakers from Mailchimp, Tinder, Auth0, etc, and over 600 online attendees watching the live streams. BTW, you can still watch all the talks on our YouTube channel (or here on the website).

2022 Conference: In-person, Again.

Great talks, ReactShorts, amazing bike show, BBQ and after-party, and most engaging networking at the spectacular venue of Farris Bad Hotel in Larvik, Norway… that pretty much sums up 2022 React Norway.

Spectacular Venue

Farris Bad enjoys an unbeatable location by the beach in Larvik, just 1.5 hours from Oslo Gardermoen Airport and 15 minutes from Oslo Torp Airport. Read more about the venue at Farris Bad. You can book your stay by sending an e-mail to: booking@farrisbad.no or visit the website.

Farris bad
Farris bad
Farris bad
Farris bad
Farris bad
Farris bad

React Day Norway is presented by Crystallize

React Day Norway is organized and presented by Crystallize as a whole-day event for the frontend community to level up our skills and network. At Crystallize, we have a mission to push the boundaries of Internet craftsmanship by sharing best practices across, and lessons learned in our industry.

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