React Day Norway

June 12th 2019

Larvik, Norway

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Join us for one day of React(Native) and tech networking in Norway. This mid-week, mid-summers React Day is all about sharing the latest techniques, best practices and to grow your network.

  • 380 React fans and lovers
  • 12 speakers
  • 1 track
  • 1 day

With a ticket for React Day Norway you’ll get access to this outstanding event and we’ll make sure you feel great the whole day. This is included in your ticket:

  • Access to the full-day conference with talks
  • Coffee, tea, snacks and beverages throughout the day
  • Delicious lunch buffets
  • BBQ/dinner on the beachfront terraces
  • Afterparty at the sun terrrace by the sea

New speakers updated weekly

Nader Dabit
Nader DabitAmazon Web Services
Developer AdvocateUSA
Manjula DubeN26
Software Engineer
Håkon Gullord KroghCrystallize
Front-end Architect
Albert Treat
Albert TreatSlack
Senior Frontend Engineer
Matthew Gerstman
Matthew GerstmanDropbox
Software Engineer
Luke Jackson
Luke JacksonFormidable
Frontend Developer
Luke Jackson
Kåre HøvikMicrosoft
Software Engineer
Evan Charlton
Evan CharltonCognite
Software Engineer
Yuraima Estevez
Yuraima EstevezThe New York Times
Software Engineer







Nader Dabit - AWS

Curious Cases of GraphQL

As GraphQL moves into the mainstream, the tooling & ecosystem has grown and has made it possible to do much more with GraphQL than using it as just a data layer. In this talk, I'll show how developers are using GraphQL as an API gateway to accomplish things that you may have never thought possible.

When we think of GraphQL at the resolver level, we typically associate some type of database as the resolver data source, but in practice a resolver is simply a function. What this means is that we can do much more with our GraphQL APIs & our resolvers than we ever thought possible, including things like taking existing REST APIs & transforming them into GraphQL APIs (http resolvers), passing the query to Lambda or serverless functions for processing & returning the response via a GraphQL query (for things like AI & ML), geospatial & time-based queries (passing the query to Elasticsearch), & even VR & AR apps (passing in user location / app info & using the subscription to transmit image assets). In this talk, I'll walk through what this looks like in theory & in practice, demoing 4 different applications that implement this functionality & showing the code that make the magic happen.




Coffee Break


Håkon Gullord Krogh - Crystallize

Ecommerce with React and (perceived) performance

When building an ecommerce website in 2019 performance (both real and perceived) should be amongst your top priorities.

We will have a look at what you should focus on when architecting your React application from server side rendering, code splitting, offline capability and a bunch of other neat techniques that will help your customers getting the performance they deserve.


Matthew Gerstman - Dropbox

Building a typed and code split Redux store

Codesplitting is hard. Codesplitting with type checking is even harder. Building a strongly typed system around a library built on top of generics and indirection? Now that sounds impossible. By we did it at Dropbox and I’m here to show you how you can do it to. This talk will cover how we built a sane, code split, and strongly typed Redux store that is easy for consumers to user.


Lunch Break


Manjula Dube - N26

React Advanced Patterns

This talk is going to focus on some advanced patterns in building your react components. More over we do not know what the best way to do things and we end up feeling stressed out. To release your stress let talk you can make use of some patterns that worked for us best and will work for you as well. :)


Luke Jackson - Formidable

Serverless, static multipage apps that build quickly and stay performant

Developments in javascript the language, supporting platforms and the ecosystem in general are making the idea of writing truly static web apps a realistic prospect once more.. no build step!


Evan Charlton - Cognite

High-performance charting in React with Griff

Explore some of the challenges faced and solutions developed to plot big data in little browsers.


Coffee Break


Kåre Høvik - Microsoft

Using React in large teams

Benefits and challenges using React in large developer teams, developing for native and web.


Yuraima Estevez - The New York Times

Be a React a11y: Making React applications work for everyone

React has quickly become one of the most popular front-end libraries for creating web applications. But how much do we know about how well these interfaces work for *all* of our users, including those with disabilities or impairments?

In this session I will discuss how React provides a basic foundation for accessible user interfaces as well as how to go beyond the out-of-the-box features to build more inclusive web apps. I’ll cover common obstacles in designing and building accessible apps, helpful tools for testing, and share my own experience auditing an existing react app.


Albert Treat - Slack

How React improved Slack's team creation and onboarding experience

In 2018 my team embarked on a full refactor of Slack's team creation and onboarding flows. We transitioned from a combination of our own homegrown framework, Handlebars, and Smarty (PHP) to React / Redux / XHP.

I plan to talk about the challenges we faced, solutions we found, and how React has made it much easier for us to work on many simultaneous projects.









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React Day Norway will be held at an extraordinary location - at the modern beachfront hotel Farris Bad in the south of beautiful Norway, just an hour and a half from Oslo and 15 minutes from Oslo Torp Airport.

The hotel is located literally over the water providing you with a close to mid-summer experience in the Nordics with stunning views of fjords and the North Sea. From outside the conference windows you’ll hear the murmur of the waves and you can see beyond the horizon.

For the after-party there will be a BBQ on the hotel’s beach terrace with a stunning sea view.

farris bad exteriorFarris Bad Exterior


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