June 24th | 8AM - 7PM

Come for React, stay for Brunost.

Join us on June 24th, 2022 for an exclusive one day of React and frontend tech conference at Farris Bad Hotel in Larvik, Norway.

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In-person, again.

React Day Norway (presented and organized by Crystallize) is an annual conference originally conceptualized as an exclusively in-person conference. Last year we were forced to be online. This year, however, things have changed for the better. This year's conference will be a format with both remote and in-person participation.

What can you expect this year? Well:

  • Engaging talks that will help you level up your React chops.
  • React Shorts, Pecha Kucha presentations (20 slides or images that are displayed for 20 seconds each) on why you love React (show us a solution you've come up with, a project you are proud of, etc.).
  • React Workshops
  • One-of-a-kind networking and party. Lunch, dinner, and refreshments during breaks are included
  • For those that are not able to come Livestream of the main event and all-access virtual experience.
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Our Speakers

We have few names already but looking at them you know you are in for a treat with this year’s conference.

Colby Fayock
Colby FayockSenior Developer Experience Engineer, Cloudinary
Benedicte RaaeJavascript Developer, Queen Raae
Johannes Brodwall
Johannes BrodwallPrincipal Software Engineer, Sopra Steria Norway
Yuraima Esteves
Yuraima Esteves with Lo KimFrontend Development Manager, Shopify
Atilla Fassina
Atila FassinaDX Engineer, Xata
Håkon Krogh
Håkon KroghHead of Engineering, Crystallize
Kristofer Giltvedt Selbekk
Kristofer Giltvedt SelbekkChief adviser, Bekk
Eemeli Aro
Eemeli AroStaff Software Engineer, Mozilla
Tejas KumarYouTuber,
David KhourshidFounder, Stately
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8:00 - 9:00 AM CETSigning up + Coffee Start
See details

Signup at the desk and get your coffee and your swag pack.

9:00 AM CETWelcoming talk
See details

Indroductionary talk about the conference.

9:30 AM CETEngaging eCommerce with the Visual Web
See details

The web has grown increasingly visual, from product images to NFTs, but not paying attention to media delivery can create a bad UX, hurting conversion and sales with slow pages. Colby Fayock will talk about effectively leveraging media to create engaging experiences and optimizing performance for online stores.

This talk will be followed by 2 React Shorts presentations.

10:00 AM CETOptimistic Web
See details

Remix is a framework that revitalizes web development by putting progressive enhancement in the front seat. It creates solutions that approximate developers to the platform. It uses Developer Experience as means to enforce web best practices and with that brought the term Optimistic UI back to our daily lives. Atila Fassina will help us have a look at what features the Remix offers out-of-the-box to get developers creating high-quality web apps easily and deploying them anywhere that can run JavaScript.

10:30 AM CETBreak & Networking
See details

The heart and soul of any conference is the networking part + Deploy a Crystallize Remix App to the Microsoft Azure workshop run by Maxim Salnikov from Microsoft and Sébastien Morel from Crystallize.

11:00 AM CETPartial hydration in Astro and Next.js
See details

React Server components, interactive islands, and client-side hydration is all the rage these days. In this talk, Håkon Krogh will look at how it truly makes a difference for the end-user, and how you as a developer can get things moving using Next.js or Astro.

11:30 AM CETClient-side code generation with OpenAPI
See details

A common source of errors, communication delays, and misunderstandings happens in the API between front-end and backend code. Over the last few years, Johannes Brodwall generated Typescript code for his React applications from OpenAPI specifications. This way, the compiler stops him from using the API wrongly. In effect, he gets compilation checking crossing the frontend-backend divide, even when the yare implemented in different languages.

In this talk, you'll learn the benefits of using OpenAPI code generation in React applications

12:00 PM CETLunch Break
See details

Grab something to eat (please try Brunost ("brown cheese")) and network some more.

13:00 PM CETSustainable components ♻️
See details

Let's face it - creating reusable components is hard. You have to provide the right amount of flexibility, make it easy to use, document it well, and hopefully avoid any breaking changes. Sharing logic between them is just about as cumbersome. But are there some universal truths we can apply when we're building these components?

In this talk, Kristofer Giltvedt Selbekk leans on the experience gained from working with lots of different design systems and component libraries over the last several years. He’ll share some of his best tips, and make sure you have a ton of new best practices to bring back to your project on Monday.

13:30 PM CETReact Shorts
See details

A collection of React Shorts presentations.

14:00 PM CETThe Road to Intl.MessageFormat
See details

The internet is global, and its future is by no means written or spoken only in English. With the upcoming Intl.MessageFormat addition to JavaScript, we're making it easier than ever to write and maintain apps and systems that not only speak your language, but also the languages of your users. To do that, we're redefining how localization really works, and building a system that's interoperable with all existing data formats, workflows, and processes, as well as (hopefully!) all the ones we can't even imagine yet. Let Eemeli Aro show you this new world, and where it might lead us.

14:30 PM CETA practical introduction to web encryption
See details

The talk will cover the basic theory of end-to-end encryption, but Benedicte Raae (Queen Raae) will also live code how to implement end-to-end encryption in a demo Gatsby app saving notes to a public GitHub repository.

15:00 PM CETBreak & Networking
See details

Network some more and enjoy the final React Shorts presentations.

15:30 PM CETBuilding Human-Centered Documentation with React
See details

Tejas Kumars’ talk highlights some key ideas that we use to make our documentation as approachable as possible to as many people as possible while generating some of it from source code.

We will look at a lot of React code together and come away with ideas for our own projects.

16:00 PM CETGoodbye, useEffect
See details

From fetching data to fighting with imperative APIs, side effects are one of the biggest sources of frustration in web app development. And let’s be honest, putting everything in useEffect hooks doesn’t help much. Thankfully, there is a science (well, math) to side effects, formalized in state machines and statecharts, that can help us visually model and understand how to declaratively orchestrate effects, no matter how complex they get.

In this talk, David Khourshid will ditch the useEffect hook and discover how these computer science principles can be used to simplify effects in our React apps.

16:30 PM CETGoodby React Day Norway, Hello React Day New York
See details

React Day Norway and React Day New York (both organized and presented by Crystallize) are events for the frontend community to level up our skills and network.

See details

Eirik Ulltang and his team will entertain you with trial showriding

18:00 PM CETBBQ + Party
See details

Join us for a BBQ on the lovely ocean view terrace and let’s have a party.

2019 Conference: The Beginning

React Day Norway was first arranged in 2019 at the beautiful seaside hotel Farris Bad. The conference was presented and organized by Crystallize as a community event. The day was packed with great talks from The New York Times, Slack, and Dropbox - to name a few. We wanted to keep the event small so everyone had the opportunity to talk and connect; speakers, sponsors, and attendees. The day ended with a BBQ at the terrace overlooking the sea and everyone enjoying the lovely Norwegian summer. The event was a huge success!

React Norway initial address
React Norway crowd
React Norway Hakon Krogh's talk
Talk on IoT at React Norway
React Norway bike show
React Norway dinner time
Talk on React patterns at React Norway
React Norway bike show
React Norway badges
Yuraima Esteves's talk at React Norway

2021 Conference: Online

Sadly we had to cancel the 2020 event due to the pandemic and almost canceled 2021. The change of format came to the rescue. Again, a great lineup with speakers from Mailchimp, Tinder, Auth0, etc, and over 600 online attendees watching the live streams. BTW, you can still watch all the talks on our YouTube channel (or here on the website).

Spectacular Venue

Farris Bad enjoys an unbeatable location by the beach in Larvik, just 1.5 hours from Oslo Gardermoen Airport and 15 minutes from Oslo Torp Airport. Read more about the venue at Farris Bad. You can book your stay by sending an e-mail to: booking@farrisbad.no or visit the website.

Farris bad
Farris bad
Farris bad
Farris bad
Farris bad
Farris bad

React Day Norway is presented by Crystallize

React Day Norway (and React Day New York) are organized and presented by Crystallize. These are events for the frontend community to level up our skills and network. At Crystallize we have a mission to push the boundaries of Internet craftsmanship by sharing best practices across and lessons learnt in our industry.

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