June 14th | 8AM - 7PM

React the Viking Way!

Join us on June 14th, 2024, for an exclusive day of Fjord-Fueled React and frontend dev talks at Farris Bad Hotel in Larvik, Norway.

Brunost on toast and hooks in the code: that’s the React Norway way!

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From Viking ships over Brunost to Virtual DOMs!

React Norway (presented and organized by Crystallize) is an exclusive (250 attendees only) annual React and frontend tech conference. The 2024 conference will be our 4th one, and with all the talks, brunost and bikes flying around, and amazing food, it’s gonna be challenging to top last year’s event. It's a challenge worth of Viking sagas … thankfully we like challenges🤘

What can you expect this year? Well:

  • Engaging talks with the best React community speakers that will help you level up your React chops and stay in the know-how.
  • A spectacular venue for a one-of-a-kind networking and party. Nobody networks like we do. 
  • Lunch, dinner, and refreshments during breaks you won’t find at other conferences.
  • Top-notch workshops to sharpen your skills even more.
  • For those that are not able to come, Livestream of the main event and all-access virtual experience.

Don't wait. Reserve your ticket today.


We pride ourselves on being small, exclusive, community-driven, and open to everyone. That means YOU👊TOO, no matter your experience, could have been a #RN2024 speaker and shared the stage with top names in React. CFP is now closed. For the first time ever, we've finished the speaker lineup ahead of schedule, and we're offering All-access Virtual Tickets FREE OF CHARGE!

Salma Alam-Naylor
Salma Alam-NaylorSenior Developer Relations Advocate, Sentry
Elian Van CutsemCommunity Engineer, The Astro Technology Company
Dominika Zając
Dominika ZającSoftware Engineer, Qualtrics
Erwin Hofman
Erwin HofmanPagespeed Consultant, RUMvision
Vasil Dimitrov
Vasil DimitrovLead Frontend Developer, Crystallize
Teresa WuVP Engineer, J.P. Morgan
Cristian Schuszter
Cristian SchuszterUI Solution Architect, CERN
Max Kless
Max KlessSr. Software Engineer, Nx
David OvrelidSenior Frontend Engineer / Team Architect, Fram IT AS
Sébastien Morel
Conference MC Sébastien MorelChief Technology Officer, Crystallize
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8:00 - 9:00 AM CETSigning up + Coffee Start
See details

Signup at the desk and get your coffee and your swag pack.

9:00 AM CETWelcoming Talk
See details

For 2nd year in a row, we'll have Sébastien Morel, CTO at Crystallize, as our MC (master of ceremony). Expect lousy jokes and fun times.

09:30 AM CETHow AI Accelerate Front-end Development?
See details

In this talk, Teressa Wu will give a brief overview of a few keywords in AI and Machine learning, such as types of AI/ML, GPT, and prompts, which then lead into the conversation of how AI enables engineers to work better, giving a demo of making a front-end application using Bard. You will experience how AI can assist developers in creating code more efficiently. Then, it continues on to questions of whether there are any concerns or drawbacks and how front-end engineers should evolve to accelerate.

10:00 AM CETMonorepos & Spaceships
See details

Building a monorepo is like flying a spaceship: many people work together to ensure things don't go up in flames. In this talk, Max Kless will review tools, techniques, and best practices to help us put out fires and stay on course throughout our intergalactic journey.

Disclaimer: attending this talk probably doesn't qualify you to fly spaceships!

10:30 AM CETBreak & Networking
See details

The heart and soul of any conference is the networking part.

11:00 AM CETSimplify State Management and Testing with React Query
See details

Dive into React Query with David Ovrelid and uncover its power in simplifying data management. Explore its effortless data fetching, mutation handling, and seamless unit testing capabilities. Discover how React Query's built-in caching mechanism enhances performance and scalability, making it a game-changer for React developers.

11:30 AM CETFormidable Forms: Architecting Composable, Reusable, Testable & Modern Forms in React
See details

There are 1000 ways to get good form architecture wrong, and this talk is here to walk you through some sane decisions that guys at CERN are using in order to make the visitors of the new exhibition center & the back-office people happy. Cristian Schuszter will show you how to put together several different popular libraries to build the ultimate modular, testable, and composable forms (in a type-safe manner using Typescript). Forms are as old as the web, and the web was developed at CERN! So, who else other than us to give a talk about composable and modular forms?

12:00 PM CETLunch Break
See details

Grab something to eat (please try local Norwegian delicacies such as Brunost ("brown cheese") that was an absolute hit in the previous years) and network some more.

13:30 PM CETAll Things Astro
See details

Astro 4 has just been released and has brought some amazing new features with it. In this talk, Elian Van Cutsem will take a look at some of the newly released features in Astro 4 and how 2023 was such a crazy and amazing year for Astro. He'll dive deeper into some Astro concepts, like Islands architecture, view transitions, and how they changed the future of website development and can empower React users to deliver faster websites.

Of course, he'll do some live coding and have some fun. After that, let's take a look at what’s coming next for Astro.

14:00 PM CETSwiss Army Knife in Your Browser, i.e. Less Known Chrome DevTools Features
See details

Almost every web developer sooner or later encounters Chrome DevTools - a set of tools built into the browser that allow you to view the DOM structure, styling or requests sent by our application. However, do you know all the possibilities hidden in DevTools? In Dominika Zając's presentation, you'll see a few of these less known options - the most useful, amazing or simply interesting.

14:30 PM CETINP loves LoAF: Better Performance
See details

We’re going to look into Google’s new metric, which became part of Core Web Vitals in March 2024, and break down the INP. Additionally, Erwin Hofman will be diving into ways of tracking INP offenders: LoAF (Long Animation Frame), a Google Chrome API that allows site owners to track this in DevTools or RUM, allowing them to improve main thread work, responsiveness, and ultimately,, UX.

15:00 PM CETBreak & Networking
See details

Network some more.

15:30 PM CETEntertainment as Code
See details

Learn with Salma Alam-Naylor about streaming live coding on Twitch and how writing silly code in front of a live audience is a powerful (and hilarious) way to build community.

16:00 PM CETNext Level Product Visualization and Configuration with 3D and AR
See details

In this talk, Vasil Dimitrov will explore how you can utilize the current capabilities of hardware-accelerated 3D visualization to achieve beautiful product presentations on standard mobile and web browsers. We will examine the technology behind it, how you can visualize your products, and how you can create stunning 3D product configurators with AR. You will learn how to use and set up a model viewer and apply it to your own project.

16:30 PM CETGoodbye React Day Norway
See details

The official program is over, and we hope you learned something new. Now you have time to relax before dinner.

18:00 PM CETDinner and a Party🎉
See details

In keeping with tradition, we invite you all to join us for dinner at the lovely ocean-view-terrace.
Let's enjoy good food and great conversations.

2019 Conference: The Beginning

React Day Norway was first arranged in 2019 at the beautiful seaside hotel Farris Bad. The conference was presented and organized by Crystallize as a community event. The day was packed with great talks from The New York Times, Slack, and Dropbox - to name a few. We wanted to keep the event small so everyone had the opportunity to talk and connect; speakers, sponsors, and attendees. The day ended with a BBQ at the terrace overlooking the sea and everyone enjoying the lovely Norwegian summer. The event was a huge success!

React Norway crowd
React Norway Hakon Krogh's talk
Talk on IoT at React Norway
React Norway bike show
Talk on React patterns at React Norway
React Norway dinner time
React Norway bike show
React Norway badges
Yuraima Esteves's talk at React Norway
React Norway initial address

2021 Conference: Online

Sadly we had to cancel the 2020 event due to the pandemic and almost canceled 2021. The change of format came to the rescue. Again, a great lineup with speakers from Mailchimp, Tinder, Auth0, etc, and over 600 online attendees watching the live streams. BTW, you can still watch all the talks on our YouTube channel (or here on the website).

2022 Conference: In-person, Again.

Great talks, ReactShorts, amazing bike show, BBQ and after-party, and most engaging networking at the spectacular venue of Farris Bad Hotel in Larvik, Norway… that pretty much sums up 2022 React Norway.

2023 Conference: Setting a Standard

In 2022, you had come for React and stayed for Brunost. In 2023 we all savored the creamy delight of Brunost (thanks to our official Brunost sponsor TINE) as we sliced into new React realms! A standard has been set.

Spectacular Venue

Farris Bad enjoys an unbeatable location by the beach in Larvik, just 1.5 hours from Oslo Gardermoen Airport and 15 minutes from Oslo Torp Airport.
Read more about the venue at Farris Bad.

When you buy your React Norway ticket you will receive a discount code to use when you book your stay.
For booking: booking@farrisbad.no or call +47 33 19 60 00
The discount code is valid for bookings before May 2nd. 2024.

Farris bad
Farris bad
Farris bad
Farris bad
Farris bad
Farris bad

React Day Norway is presented by Crystallize

React Day Norway is organized and presented by Crystallize as a whole-day event for the frontend community to level up our skills and network. At Crystallize, we have a mission to push the boundaries of Internet craftsmanship by sharing best practices across and lessons learned in our industry.

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